New to Pine Grove?

What to Expect

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What We Believe

Our Vision and Purpose

Welcome to Pine Grove!  We are a “little country church on the edge of town!”  We are not too big to be impersonal, nor too small to care about you and your family.

pine grove church

We have a place for everyone.  Your children will get personalized attention in our children’s ministry.  We are not too far out, just 5 minutes drive from the Public Library, but we’re far enough out to be away from the hustle and bustle of Roseburg.  Pine Grove is a place you belong!

Pine Grove exists to reach people and help them become fully committed disciples of Jesus Christ.  We want to Win the individual to Christ, Build him up in Christ and Send him out for Christ.  We invite you to join us in this incredibly important task!

“We are striving to make Pine Grove a place where ordinary people feel at home.  It’s a place you BELONG.  We want to help you build a strong family and develop deep relationships with other believers.  More than any other goal, ours is to honor God and lead others to do the same.  Its the goal of taking ordinary people and doing extra- ordinary things.”

Our Pastor

Dennis and Susan came to Pine Grove on January 1st of 1991 from Everett Washington.  “We immediately fell in love with the people and the community.  We love it here and intend to stay a while.”  Dennis went to Western Baptist College in Salem Oregon (now Corban College) and then finished out his degree at Cascade Bible College in Bellevue Washington.

“I enjoy downhill skiing on occasion and I referee High School Soccer, which believe it or not, I find fun.  I like to read some fantasy adventure on occasion.  I am a published author looking to publish a few more books – the latest work is called “Rock Solid Christianity; finding solid ground in a world of shifting values.”  Find all my books on Amazon.  In my spare time I work on rentals and around the house.  Susan enjoys working around her house and she loves to garden.  She is very artistic, loves painting and drawing.   And she loves her little fox terrier beagle “Tillie.”

We have three children, Evie (married to Ken), Shaphen & Zachery married to Laurel, and five wonderful grandchildren.  Dakota, Josiah, Esther, Isaiah and Asher!  There is nothing better in life than being a grandpa!

I blog in my spare time.  I publish a blog called “Time With God, ” a rambling, personal devotional.  I’d love for you to check it out and get on my email list.

I also publish my sermons to the internet.  I have a “live version” which is up to date and unedited, and a Radio version which is exactly 28 minutes and 30 seconds and I call it “Growing Together.”  Check it out here!