Our Vision & Purpose

Commitment to Excellence

At Pine Grove Community Church we want to be the best possible place in the world to minister.  In order to do that each of our Ministering Members must commit to our Mission, Vision and Values as well has the specific Behavioral Standards for their individual ministries.

Our Mission: The mission of Pine Grove Community Church is to WIN the individual to Christ, BUILD him up in Christ and SEND him out for Christ.

Our Vision: Our vision is to bring glory to God by presenting him with as many Christlike disciples as we possibly can before he returns.

Our Values: We would like to see every church member exhibiting the following four behaviors: a godly attitude, a solid commitment to Christ, a deepening growth in godliness, and a life of hospitable outreach.

Let’s face it, Ministry just works better when we have chosen to live in a way that is pleasing to God and are determined to do our very best to work with others.   This is a much better place to serve when you know you can depend on others to do their job!  So let’s make Pine Grove Community Church  the best place on the planet to minister by upholding high standards and fulfilling them with excellence!