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Being A Cross On The Courthouse In An ACLU World ()

Dennis Kreiss, April 29, 2017
Part of the The Coming Spiritual Earthquake series, preached for Growing Together Radio

June 8, 2004, Los Angeles County Supervisors caved to the ACLU and will remove a small cross from its official seal. This is not the first attack on Christianity in the public square in America, and it won’t be the last. Dr James Dobson says “today, people of faith are being sent to the "back of the bus." Are you willing to go against the flow like a Cross on the courthouse in an ACLU world, or are you more like a dead fish who never saw a stream it couldn’t float down. Today we will examine the methodology we need to use to let our light shine when it is not politically correct.
Conduct yourself honorably 11-12
There is a way to turn ____________ into praise
#1 Abstain from fleshly lusts
#2 Conduct yourself honorably
#3 Do good works
Conduct yourself honorably & your _____________ will defend you
In the battle of the worldviews, the other side cares little for honor
We ____________ to act honorably no matter how they act
It will be the man of honor who will be praised
Submit to authority 13-15
Acts 5 - There is a time for ________ ________________
-When it comes to sharing the good news & living our faith-
…However, we are a nation of laws
We could spend a lifetime contesting ridiculous regulations
We don’t have _____ to fight everything that’s wrong with our world
So long as the law does not infringe on our faith we ought to ______
That is how to silence foolish ignorance - by obeying the law
Imitate Christ’s example 19-21
Most of us bring our problems on _________________
When we do what is wrong, we deserve what we get
But what if we suffer for doing good? Should we cry out in anguish?
Christ’s standard - We are _____________ to suffer for Jesus
If you take it patiently, you get credit before God
There are ____________ for suffering for our faith
Speak up firmly but kindly 3:13-16
Who would even think about harming us - God is on our side!
If God is for us, whom should we __________?
We must always be ready to give an ___________ for our faith
We do it with gentleness and respect. Kill em with kindness
They on the other hand should be _____________ of their tactics
Are you willing to go against the flow like a Cross on the courthouse in an ACLU world. Conduct yourself honorably, Submit to authority, Imitate Christ’s example, Speak up firmly but kindly. We must never be silent. When you are a cross on a courtroom, don’t sit down, shut up and leave, instead, politely stand up, speak up and kindly explain the good news of the Gospel. We must tell the world that Jesus is the only way to eternal life. And today, Jesus wants to invade your life. Jesus is knocking at your heart’s door. .

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