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Standing Strong When Opposed (Ephesians 6:10-19)

Dennis Kreiss, May 6, 2017
Part of the The Coming Spiritual Earthquake series, preached for Growing Together Radio

This is a Brave New World that we live in. Just what is a Christian to do when they try to remove us from the public square? Today we will discover how to stand strong when opposed. We are going to learn about six despicable tactics that are used in the attack against Christians and we will learn how to counter each one of them. But there is one thing we must understand about our enemy before we examine his tactics.
The Enemy: Our Battle is a Spiritual Battle 10-13
A Serious pitfall: we sometimes identify _____________ as our enemies
Our real enemy uses trickery to deceive people into doing his bidding
The Equipment: Our weapons are Spiritual Weapons 14-17
Tactic #1 _________________ – twisting the truth
The enemy wants to deceive you
Defense #1 Truth – Become Grounded in it - 14
The truth will hold you together in the heat of battle
Error makes people ______________ and vulnerable
Tactic #2 _________________ – twisting our liberty
Temptation always appears pleasurable but in the end it has it’s price
Defense #2 Righteousness – Begin pursing it -14
The purpose of the breastplate is to protect the vital organs
Righteousness protects against being pierced through with many sorrows
Some of us are bleeding to death slowly by harboring sin in our lives
Tactic #3 __________________ – Twisting our focus
The enemy wants to divert your focus to other things – even good things!
Some diversions are __________________________________________
Defense #3 Mission minded – Focus on our Calling - 15
The purpose of the boot is to maintain firm footing during combat
We can move forward in the midst of opposition by sharing the gospel
Our mission is to make disciples of all nations
Tactic #4 Direct _____________ – twisting our faith
The scientific approach; your faith has been disproved by science
The historical or archeological approach; the Bible is bad history
The common sense approach; the bible contains bad advice
The contradiction approach; the Bible contradicts itself constantly
Defense #4 Faith – Remain convinced of it - 16
The shield of faith keeps flying projectiles at an arms length
You should know enough to know that you can trust the all knowing God
Tactic #5 ________________ – Twisting our Assurance
The enemy wants you feeling insecure
Defense #5 Salvation – Be assured of it - 17
The helmet will save you from killing blows to the head and mind
If are insecure, you need to put on the helmet of salvation
Tactic #6 ___________________ – Twisting our Power Source
The enemy wants you to feel inadequate and defenseless
He wants you to lay down your weapons in surrender
Defense #6 God’s Word – Become Proficient in it - 17
The word of God is sharp and more powerful than any two edged sword
The Word gives the power you need to stand strong when opposed
The Plan: Our response is a Spiritual response - 18
Only a praying soldier has full use of his weapons. Each weapon must be used with prayer. Lord I want to be truthful, Lord I want to be righteous, Lord I want to share the good news, Lord I need faith, Lord I need assurance of salvation, Lord teach me your word. The battle against those who oppose us must be won on our knees. Without Jesus we can do nothing. Without prayer we fail to get a hold of Jesus.
There is a battle raging. There is opposition mounting. Are you ready for it? If you are asked you to sit down and be quiet, are you willing to put C back in YMCA.

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