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Share the message while you can (Acts 1:8)

Dennis Kreiss, June 17, 2017
Part of the The Coming Spiritual Earthquake series, preached for Growing Together Radio

The day may indeed come when witnessing is considered a "hate crime." Already it is against the law in many countries to preach the gospel openly. The Bible does not promise that today's freedoms will always be guaranteed to us. The true crime would be to withhold the Good News from those who need it most. America has a heart disorder that only the Gospel can fix. And only you can stand the gap to restore America. So how are we going to do it? We must learn to share the gospel while we can.
It’s our duty to _________; your vote counts…
…but America is in trouble because most have yet to ______________
The witness of power - Acts 1:8
In Acts 4:18-31 it became a crime to evangelize
The source of their power: They were ___________ with the Holy Spirit
They surrendered their lives to Christ and trusted God implicitly
The result - they spoke the word with ________________
The witness of steadfastness - Acts 2:42
Teaching __________ the saints - get under the teaching of the word
Fellowship Encourages the Saints - hang around with other believers
Worship Exalts Christ - have a heartfelt relationship with Christ
Prayer _____________ the Saints - pray with one another often
The witness of togetherness - Acts 2:44
In taking care of each other, we show the world Christ’s ___________
Some people become dissatisfied with the churches response to needs
When great relationships exist, people are willing to overlook many things
It is every Christian’s responsibility to grow and improve the ministry
The witness of effectiveness - Acts 2:46
Gallup - 44% of U.S. adults are "unchurched"
58% said they were open to joining a church if they found the _____ one
The unchurched are receptive but are staying away out of inconvenience
Visitors Represent __________% of our Church's Growth Potential?
One of our greatest evangelistic tools - making sure visitors want to return
Research shows that ____ are far more effective at this than the pastor is!
"Is this how you would treat a dear friend of yours who visited your church and was thinking about making it their church home?”
You would not view them as _________ but as dear and precious friends
You would call them and excitedly tell them about your church
Three spheres of life and influence that the early church capitalized on
#1 The Public Square – Let the world see the church in harmony
#2 The Neighborhood – Let your neighbors see you live a life of fullness
We need to rediscover Christian hospitality
The #1 reason why people leave church is the lack or loss of ______
#3 The individual – Let everyone see your overflowing heart
If you live a life that is praiseworthy to God, you will find favor, grace, and respect with your acquaintances. But The day may indeed come when witnessing is considered a "hate crime." We must follow the example of Jesus who said, "I must be about my Father's business." We are called to share Christ with everyone everywhere. We are looking for faithful men and faithful women who will make the ministry to Christ their priority in life. Share the message while you can.

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