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Got Answers? (Acts 20:17-32)

Dennis Kreiss, July 8, 2017
Part of the The Coming Spiritual Earthquake series, preached for Growing Together Radio

It’s just you and the Good Book; got answers?
Acts 20:17-32
Scenario: You are in a home Bible Study. Because of deteriorating conditions in the world the Church has been shut down. You are on your own leading a few friends and neighbors in the study. During the study, one of the other students shares some of his insights… you feel uneasy about what he is telling you, you are sure it is wrong… are you equipped to discern truth from error?
J. Gordon Melton’s Encyclopedia of American Religions lists some 2,300 religious groups active in the United States. They’ve got questions. Do you have answers? Do you know enough about your faith to meet the challenge?
What if you were on your own? 17; 22-25
Paul left the Ephesians all alone in the big bad world
They could no longer say, “Paul, I got a _____________ for you.”
They would have to figure out the answers out all by themselves
What if there were questions? 29-30
Someday you may not be able to depend on ____________ for answers
Do you know how and where to find the answers?
At stake is the very essence and future of the faith
Truth transforms but every error produces _____________ consequences
29 erroneous faith systems are like savage wolves
30 those with false faith systems want to draw you into their web of lies
Can you answer the basic questions of the faith?
How can I gain eternal life?
How can I know there is a God?
Why does God allow suffering and evil?
Is the Bible really from God?
How come there are so many interpretations of the Bible?
Who is Jesus?
Did God really create the universe?
How can I live a fulfilled life?
What are you going to do to get ready? 20, 27, 32
20 – At Pine Grove, we strive to prepare you for real life
Only about _____% take advantage of more than 1 of our teaching times
_____% are marginally prepared for life in the coming New World Order
27 – The Bible is a big book and it has _______ the answers you need
Amos 8:10-12 there is a coming famine of hearing the Word of the Lord
32 – Only God’s __________ and his Grace can build you up
You have the need to personally and daily get into the Word of God
So now it’s decision time. Are you going to be one of those faithful men, one of those faithful women who will have answers in the famine? We are looking for a few good men and women who will make learning the whole counsel of God their priority in life. Will you step out from the crowd and become one of the 30% who are taking the time to get equipped to give an answer when the day comes when you’re all alone with questions, and it’s just you and that great big book – the Bible: Got answers?

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