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If I knew the end of all things was tomorrow… (1 Peter 4:7-18)

Dennis Kreiss, July 22, 2017
Part of the The Coming Spiritual Earthquake series, preached for Growing Together Radio

If I knew the end of all things was tomorrow… what would I do today? Spend my last day with family? Take a walk in the forest alone? Watch a sunset one last time? Throw one last party? Sell it all and spend my last dollar doing what I’ve never been able to do before? Perhaps get your things in order before you go? One thing I sense you will walk away with if you are honest in answering this question is the realization of just how great our failure is to live in light of eternity.
Fact: Since the days of the Apostles, we have been living in the _________
Don’t think it strange if we suffer; we re living in the last days 12-19
I Would Spend My Day In Ministry Today - Mat 24:44
You need __________ even more than __________ needs you!
#1 The happiest, most stable individuals are those who minister unselfishly
#2 Ministry is our last hope of reaching a world antagonistic to your faith
We must get serious about ministry while we can still have a positive effect
I Would Be Serious In Prayer - 7
The beginning of all ministry is __________
I would be Serious - the destiny of my loved ones hangs in the balance
I would be Watchful because Jesus is coming back soon
I Would Be Fervent In Love - 8
Without love there is no effective ministry
The Greek word for fervent literally means “to _______ out” like elastic
Fervent Love allows you to “bounce back”
“By this shall all men know you don’t have discipleship down – because you feud with one another” John 13:35
I Would Be Hospitable Without Grumbling - 9
Ministry must be people centered - Make hospitality your primary focus
Every real ministry is built upon _______________
There is a down side to hospitality – Rejection, Exploitation etc
You’ve got to be hospitable even when some take advantage of you
I Would Minister As A Good Steward - 10
Ministry is not an option for the Christian it is __________
What does God want me to do? Use the gifts He has given you
I Would Speak As Though Speaking For God - 11
Speech is the bottom line of ministry
Become conscious of your words; don’t say anything unless __________
Ministry means that I am imparting God’s truth (i.e. Word) to you
If you only had one day left to live before the world came to an end, I would suggest that you spend it in ministry. We are looking for an army of ministers who understand the times we live in and understand what to do in these last days. They will shape and change the world that we live in. Will you be one of them? Will you make ministry your priority? It is our last chance. It is our last hope in these last days. The time to do nothing is past. Only one life will soon be past, only what’s done for Christ will last. You can make a difference. The End of all things is at hand.

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