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Facing your Number 1 Fear ()

Dennis Kreiss, September 30, 2017
Part of the Overcoming Your Fears - Sharing Your Faith series, preached for Growing Together Radio

Today we’re going to talk about facing your number one fear… the number one fear of Americans is public speaking or the fear of oral communication. about 1 out of every 5 of us have a serious struggle when it comes to talking to people. It causes anxiety, conflict, and pushes us out of our comfort zone… We don’t want to look foolish… It is no wonder that when we Christians are confronted by the Great Commission, most of us experience guilt. And it is no wonder, that when ask people to share their faith, they respond in debilitating communication apprehension.
1. Objections and Answers to my Number One fear
Objection #1 I am not competent enough to do this! Exodus 3: 11
Answer #1 I will be with you Exodus 3:12
Objection #2 I don’t know enough to do this Exodus 3:13
Answer#2 To know me is to know enough Exodus 3:14-15
Objection #3 I don’t think they are going to believe me Exodus 4: 1
Answer #3 I will be the one who proves it to them Exodus 4:2-5
Objection #4 I can’t communicate good enough Exodus 4:10
Answer #4 I will teach you what to say Exodus 4:11-12
Objection #5 I really don’t want to do this! Exodus 4:13
Answer #5 Do you really want to see me get angry? Exodus 4:14
If God didn’t let Moses off the hook, what makes you think that he’s going to let you off the hook?
2. How to build relationships one small safe step at a time
1: Make Contact (all)
Learn to greet everyone you meet
Greet them, smile and wave.
You can do this. It’s easy.
2: Make a Connection (most)
If something clicks try to go deeper
try to make a connection with those who seem receptive
3: Show that you Care (a few)
Begin to spend more time together
Use little things to say, “I care”
…like phone calls, letters, small gifts, or your presence
4: Be open and Candid (one or two)
Be willing to discuss whatever they bring up
Ask them questions as well… like
“Are you interested in spiritual things?”
“Do you attend church?” “
“What do you think about Jesus?”
The Faith Factor Prayer
Lord thank you for the gift of a life free of fear. Help me to stir my faith into flame. Take my weakness and insecurity and replace it with your power. Transform the little that I have to give into a love that touches others. Replace my anxieties with a sound mind. I want to live a life of extraordinary power so that it can be seen that I am not ashamed of you Lord. More than anything else I want to live a life of unparalleled purpose and so fulfill the calling you have in mind for me. I am willing to step out and begin the process of building relationships for the Kingdom of God.

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