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Breaking through Fear (Acts 4:32-37)

Dennis Kreiss, October 7, 2017
Part of the Overcoming Your Fears - Sharing Your Faith series, preached for Growing Together Radio

We are never more like Jesus than when we give. In fact, let me give you a truism… a spiritual reality that will turn your touches into transformed lives. The truism is found in John 3:16, “For God so loved the world that he gave…” That same principle is restated in the words of Jesus in Acts 20:35, “It is better to give than to receive.” The truism is this: “We are never more like Jesus than when we give.”

1. He gave to help people Acts 4:32-37

(Personal touch:
Be a Giver - give things of value away)

#1 He saw the need
#2 He used what he had
#3 He gave it to the Lord.

You don’t need to be wealthy to be a giver.
You can give little things.
You don’t have to be brave to give stuff away.
You just have to love people.
This is a way of life called the Personal Touch Lifestyle.
Review - four simple safe steps to overcoming your greatest fear.
#1 Make contact #2 Make a connection. #3 Show that you care. #4 Be Open and Candid.

2. He Befriended the outcast – Acts 9:26-28

(Personal touch:
Make friends with the friendless)

Saul had a notorious reputation. When Saul came around, you hid
Acts 9:27: “But Barnabas.” pursued the person who needed help.
You don’t have to be outgoing, charismatic, or magnetic to do this
Personal touches transform people!

3. He Encouraged the Struggling – Acts 11:19-26

(Personal touch 3:
Be an encouragement to those in difficulty)

Persecution has scattered Christians to the four winds.
“Baby Gentile Christians” were born. They were different.
He encouraged them all to remain true to the Lord.
It doesn’t take a sharp eye to know when people are struggling
“By this shall all men know … If you love one another.”

Faith Factor Prayer
Lord thank you for the gift of a life free of fear. Help me to stir my faith into flame. Take my weakness and insecurity and replace it with your power. Transform the little that I have to give into a love that touches others. Replace my anxieties with a sound mind. I am willing to go if you go with me. I am ready to step out and begin the process of building relationships for the Kingdom of God.

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