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What if I fail? (Mark 3:3-14)

Dennis Kreiss, December 2, 2017
Part of the Overcoming Your Fears - Sharing Your Faith series, preached for Growing Together Radio

How many of you will one day have an opportunity to “save the world?” Few people ever have that much potential impact. Yet every one of us has a huge assignment that has world impacting implications. Matthew 28:19 “Go and MAKE DISCIPLES of all nations.” Discipleship is a world impacting process. It is the “Fail Safe Mechanism” insuring the success of Christianity.

If you engage yourself in the important role of discipleship, you will be creating a “fail safe” mechanism to overcome your fear and reach the world for Christ. People are God’s method. People teaching other people to love Jesus and live for him. We have many believers, we could use some more disciples. Many followers, few disciples. Many believers, few laborers. Many in the congregation, but few in the ministry. Will you heed the call?

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