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Families are in trouble today. Marriages are hurting. Strangely, the happily married couple seems an oddity in our times.

A national survey by the Pew Research Center, finds a widespread belief that today’s parents are not measuring up to the standard that parents set a generation ago.

Heaven help the home, because we need help. We need strong families! That’s why this book was written; to give a strong Scriptural basis for family life. If you simply follow the guidelines in God’s word, you too can have a strong family! In simple, yet concise terms, Dennis lays out the guidelines of how you can have a “God Strong” family.

The Faith of Mary (Luke 1:26-30)

Dennis Kreiss, December 23, 2017
Part of the Life and Times of Jesus the Messiah series, preached for Growing Together Radio

I want to tell you about a teenage girl who will never be forgotten. She has been popular with every generation where people have gotten to know her. Her name is Mary, and she tends to get a lot of media exposure every year around Christmas.

When God chooses you and he uses you, no matter how many difficulties you have to face, he always impresses on you the joy and wonder of his Grace. He treats the lowly and faithful with a special grace that can be received no other way. In all of history there was only one woman chosen for the honor of giving birth to the King of kings. Mary teaches us that we too can be used by God to change the world. Faith positions us to be part of the greatest event in all human history. If God has told you to do something – do it now!

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