Wednesdays  6:00 – 7:30 PM

September – May

Truth & Training Clubs

We’ve designed a three-part program to maximize your child’s attention, energy and time.

1.  FUN AND EXCITING GAMES, unique to the Awana program that allow kids to participate no matter their skill level.  No sitting on the sidelines for 15 minutes at a stretch and no partiality.  Everyone gets to join in the fun.

2.  SMALL GROUP TIME with a caring adult leader.  No getting lost in the crowd here.  Your child receives individualized attention as he or she works through their handbook.

3.  INTERACTIVE LARGE GROUP SEGMENT between an adult leader and all the kids in club.  Awana leaders go the extra mile to help your kids understand the Bible and how it applies to their lives in an exciting and challenging way.

Start them off in the right direction!

It doesn’t take long to go from 0 to 18!  Before you know it they’re all grown up and on their own!  What happens in between is what’s scary! There are so many dangers to avoid.  Sometimes it’s overwhelming to a parent.  Their values today will determine their well being tomorrow.  We can’t promise a picture perfect result, but we can impact them while they are impressionable and point them in the right direction.   It’s a Good Start!