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When You Don’t Think You Can Hold on: Worship II ()

Dennis Kreiss, August 26, 2017
Part of the The Coming Spiritual Earthquake series, preached for Growing Together Radio

When you are stretched to the breaking point, when the pressure is poured on and the thumbscrews are twisted down tight, when you don’t think you can hold on any longer; that’s when a simple act of worship becomes so very meaningful. Because there may come a time when all you have left is God. Just you and Jesus, and it is then that you must come to realize that the most precious gift you have is that simple act of worship where, all alone, you bow in reverence before the Almighty God and he fills your heart with the calm assurance that is the providential ruler of the universe.
Cry out in worship - Revelation 6: 9-11
Summary of the book of Revelation
Revelation 1-3 - the Church age; the present day
Revelation 4-19 - the Tribulation period
Revelation 20-22 - the reign of Christ in the Millennium and in eternity
The Great Tribulation is that great day of horrors ________ the church age
How do the Tribulation Saints respond to tribulation?
In OT times, a sacrifice’s blood would have drained down under the altar
Instead of the blood of animals, those martyred for Christ are in the trough
Their cry, “_____ ______, O Lord until You judge and avenge our blood?”
God’s answer “Wait a little longer. There are more saints who will suffer”
Discover your purpose - Revelation 4:2-11
We were created for _________________
While believers on earth are groaning, in heaven, the saints are worshiping
They worship the creator because we were created for his pleasure
When you discover your purpose and carry it out… you find ___________
Focus on his worthiness - Revelation 5:9-14
He is _____________ of worship
The worthy Lamb is opening the title deed to the universe to take it back!
He is Worthy of our worship because He is the Eternal God
He is Worthy of our worship because He is the omnipotent Creator
His worthiness also comes because he ________ his ___________ for us
Because of his worthiness, we owe him all of our worship
Remember his salvation - Revelation 7:9-17
He is the one who __________ us out of tribulation.
In heaven there is multitude so great you can’t count them all
They had gone through it all… yet they still trusted in the God of Salvation
The three tenses of Salvation:
The Past Tense: We have been saved from the ____________ of Sin
The Present Tense: We are saved from the ____________ of Sin
The Future Tense: We will be saved from the very __________ of Sin
Worship is the secret of making it in the long haul
That’s why we worship here at church
Worship is the key to maintaining your sanity in an upside down world. There may come a day when they come for you. You may be stripped of your family, your possessions and your life. You may be persecuted or tortured… and if not there is certainly coming a day when life’s pressures will bear down on you like a seasoned interrogator wielding a rubber hose and you may be alone and overwhelmed. That’s why you need to learn to worship right now.

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