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Overcoming the fear of sharing our faith ()

Dennis Kreiss, September 23, 2017
Part of the Overcoming Your Fears - Sharing Your Faith series, preached for Growing Together Radio

What are you afraid of?
Which of the top ten fears do you struggle with?
1. Speaking in Public
2. Heights
3. Insects (especially spiders)
4. Financial Problems
5. Deep Water
6. Sickness
7. Death
8. Flying
9. Loneliness
10. Dogs

Are you afraid to speak in public settings? Are you afraid to talk to individuals or strangers? How does this affect your ability to make friends and build relationships?
Three reasons why you are afraid
#1 Do you ever feel insecure or incapable. When? Why
#2 Do you ever feel inadequate or unequipped. When? Why
#3 Do you ever feel brain locked and unable to think. When? Why
How are you going to conquer those fears?
How would you be different if you had more zeal for the Lord?
How do you get more power in your life?
How does Love help us overcome our fears?
How doe you get a sound mind?
What makes people ashamed of God?
How do feel about suffering?
Are you aware that God has a wonderful plan for your life? Do you feel that your life is a life of extraordinary purpose? What would change that?
Faith Factor Prayer
Lord thank you for the gift of a life free of fear. Help me to stir my faith into flame. Take my weakness and insecurity and replace it with your power. Transform the little that I have to give into a love that touches others. Replace my anxieties with a sound mind. I want to live a life of extraordinary power so that it can be seen that I am not ashamed of you Lord. More than anything else I want to live a life of unparalleled purpose and so fulfill the calling you have in mind for me.

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