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Families are in trouble today. Marriages are hurting. Strangely, the happily married couple seems an oddity in our times.

A national survey by the Pew Research Center, finds a widespread belief that today’s parents are not measuring up to the standard that parents set a generation ago.

Heaven help the home, because we need help. We need strong families! That’s why this book was written; to give a strong Scriptural basis for family life. If you simply follow the guidelines in God’s word, you too can have a strong family! In simple, yet concise terms, Dennis lays out the guidelines of how you can have a “God Strong” family.

Sharing Your Faith without Fear ()

Dennis Kreiss, November 11, 2017
Part of the Overcoming Your Fears - Sharing Your Faith series, preached for Growing Together Radio

If you were to die today, do you know for certain, whether or not you would go to Heaven? This is one of the big questions of life. This is why God left the church on earth. It is our mission to know how to obtain eternal life and it is our mission to communicate this good news effectively so that no one has to be left behind.
If God were to ask you, “Why should I let you into my heaven?” What would you answer? _____________________________________
What causes the fear of sharing our faith?
Once I begin talking about spiritual things, I don’t know what to say
This fear can be conquered with a very sharp tool - ______________
The Good Person Test - Matthew 19:16
? “Do you consider yourself a good person?”
#1 There is no one good but God
#2 The 10 commandments demonstrate how “good” we are
Most people think they are good because they haven’t ________
? “Do you mind if I give you the good person test?” Deut 5:7-20
Trivia - give them a buck for every question they get right
? “Have you ever told a lie?” If I tell you a lie, I am a _______.
? Have you ever stolen anything? “If I got caught I would be a ______
? Have you ever committed adultery?
- Let’s throw in pre-marital sex (oops 95% fail here)
- Have you ever fantasized or looked at pornography?
If I failed here, that would make me a lying, thieving adulterer.
? If God were to judge you on this basis would you be innocent or guilty
? If God found you guilty, would you go to heaven or hell?
? Even though you failed the test I’m going to give you $10 as a gift
? You can’t earn your way into heaven so God offers eternal life as a gift
? Would you like to receive it?
What is the Gospel?
#1 Heaven is a free gift, it can not earned or deserved – Ephesians 2:8-9
#2 Man is a sinner, He cannot save himself – Romans 3:23
#3 God is merciful - He doesn't want to punish us, but He is just - He must punish sin – Exodus 34:7
#4 Christ is - Both God & Man. As a man he died in my place on the cross and rose from the grave, as God he is perfect and that made him able to pay the penalty for my sins. John 3:16
#5 Faith, in order to get the gift of eternal life you must trust in Jesus alone to save you – Acts 16:31
This is the simple Gospel. This is the good news of eternal life. This is the most profound truth ever revealed to mankind. Now let me ask you, does this make sense to you? Do you have any doubts about whether or not you will go to heaven when you die? This is the most important decision you will ever make in your entire life.

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